Basketball 101 with Galaxy Hyung.

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[140203 FANACCOUNT] Trolling Minhyuk. LOL!
  • During breakfast this morning, Minhyuk and Ilhoon were leaving because they were finished eating. When they passed by our table:
  • Us: /just looks at them walk. No one was spazzing or saying anything/
  • Minhyuk: ............. /looks at us/ *he was already looking at us for a while and was prolly wondering if we were fans*
  • Us: ......................
  • Minhyuk: ......................
  • Sai: Bye! /waves to Minhyuk/
  • Minhyuk: *face immediately brightened up* /smiles and waves back/
  • Me: Byebye Minhyuk!! /waves/
  • Minhyuk: *steps back a little because Ilhoon blocked him*
  • /waves and smiles/
  • LOL! He was just waiting for us to say hi to him first. He was probably wondering if we were fans or not because we all had poker faces. XD And it actually also happened during lunch the day before. hahahah! He's so megadorbs~ And oh, Ilhoon was just walking straight with his hood yeah. XD

I know you’ll be simply wonderful when you have your own.